Is one week off work enough for an adult with sinus surgery and a tonsilectomy?

Answer That is scary good luck I have had this conversation with the Infectious disease Specialist treating the MRSA staff infection in my foot he told my THAT SURGERY IS ONE OF THE TOUGHEST FOR ADULTS TO... Read More »

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Sinus Surgery in Children?

The sinuses are air spaces in the skull that allow mucus to drain out of the nose. When an irritant prevents mucus from draining, the sinuses become blocked. This causes many symptoms in a child, i... Read More »

How fast is recovery after a sinus surgery?

About six weeks, M. You'll probably have a lot of facial bruising and you won't be blowing your nose for a few days. That being said, it will be worthit, they will give you some fine meds, take as... Read More »

Is it safe to have sinus surgery if you are 2 to 3 weeks pregnant?

AnswerAs sinus surgery is not an emergency I would put it off as the baby is just developing.If you are going through fertility treatment and know the exact date of ovulation you can then know how ... Read More »

If you had a surgery from lifting at work and did not claim workman's comp with another surgery can you file?