Is one collarbone suppose to be protruding more than the othet?

Answer Yes, it is supposed to do such thing.Good luck!

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What is a protruding disc?

A protrusion or bulging of the jelly-like discs that act as cushions between vertebrae (spinal bones) may not point to a medical problem unless the protrusion pinches the spinal nerves.DefinitionTh... Read More »

Protruding bone by my knee?

It is better to consult an orthopedic surgeon without any hesitation !

How to Fix Nails Protruding Through Walls?

Nails hold many decorative items to your wall, such as picture frames or clocks. This works fine until you want to move or remove the item and are left with either a hole in the wall from removing ... Read More »

Are teeth really just protruding bones?

Not really. Yes, both bones and teeth depend on calcium for structure, but the similarity ends there.Most importantly, damaged bone will regenerate; damaged teeth will not.