Is one collarbone suppose to be protruding more than the othet?

Answer Yes, it is supposed to do such thing.Good luck!

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One vein in my wrist protruding more than usual after intense work out?

It's completely normal. The veins in my hands get much more noticeable when I'm at work. Once I rest them for an extended period of time though they usually go down.

How can I make my collarbone more visible?

Naturally since the collarbone is part of your skeleton there's nothing you can do to change the structure or placement of it. The only thing you can do is shape the muscle or fat surrounding it. ... Read More »

Can you download apps more than once on more than one android phone on the same account?

Motorola is introducing a new low-end line of Android phones for Boost Mobile. They're throwing around the $350-$400 price range right now. That is pretty cool, considering you won't be tied down t... Read More »

What is more powerfull than a rock but more fragile than a stone?

It will still be with the records department of whatever city and state you were born in