Is olive oil good for colon problems?

Answer Researchers in Spain and at University of Oxford in England have conducted tests which indicate that many colon problems, colon cancer in particular, are helped by a diet that includes a lot of oli... Read More »

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What are the signs of colon problems?

The colon is the lower part of your digestive system. It is also known as the large intestine. If you have problems with your colon, it can affect your digestion.BloodIf you have blood in your stoo... Read More »

Does coffee cause colon problems?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsAccording to Reuters, a study done in Japan has shown that drinking three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer by as much as half. It states that... Read More »

Can colon problems be cured?

Colon problems can be reversed if abnormalities affecting the colon are detected early. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say eating fruits and vegetables, increasing exercise, avoidin... Read More »

Can colon problems cause lower back pain?

Colon problems can cause lower back pain. For example, constipation can put pressure on the lower back, and straining can also affect the muscles. Fecal impaction, or a blockage of hardened stool, ... Read More »