Is old fine bone china dishwasher safe?

Answer Not really, the glaze over the years may be chipped or have tiny nearly invisible cracks. Prolonged exposure to very hot water (as in a dish washer) will cause water to enter the cracks and discolo... Read More »

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Is bone china dishwasher safe?

Bone china dishes should be washed by hand, not in the dishwasher. This ensures that the chemicals in dishwasher detergents do not corrode the bone china or any designs on the china.Source:Casual D... Read More »

Is tienshan fine china dishwasher safe?

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Is fantasia fine china dishwasher safe?

Personally I would hand wash all fine china, especially vintage, avoid crazing, chips, etc. by handling each piece seperately.

What Is Fine Bone China?

Manufacturers of fine bone china make dinnerware and decorative pieces out of porcelain clay. They add bone ash to achieve a delicate translucence---you should be able to see light through a piece ... Read More »