Is okra a fruit or vegetable?

Answer A fruit is defined as the ripened ovary of the flower that contains the seeds of the plant. By that definition, the University of Arkansas describes the okra as a fruit, even though most people con... Read More »

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How to Make Jhatpat Bhindi (Okra Based Indian Vegetable Dish)?

People in India love Bhindi[Okra}.This tasty okra preparation can be eaten as is or with steamed rice or Chapatti. Tastes yummy!!

If you were a fruit or vegetable?

LOL - I would be an apricot.... uuuummmmm.... cos they're yummy. But I wouldn't want to be in the V & V section, cos I'm pretty sure I'd be eaten.... he he ;0)

Is a fig a fruit or vegetable?

The fig is a tree Ficus Carica grown for its fruit since ancient times, so a fig is a fruit. Botanically all of the plant kingdom are vegetable matter but horticulturally a vegetable is a plant eit... Read More »

How do you tell a fruit from a vegetable?

Fruits develop from the ovaries of plants and contain the seeds. Some plants develop other parts to contain or hold the seeds ("pomes" like the apple and pear, accessory fruits like the strawberry)... Read More »