Is oil of smoke safe to use externally?

Answer On One Hand: Oil of Smoke is ToxicOil of smoke is another name for distilled wood creosote, an oily liquid derived from the resin of beech trees (Fagus) and the creosote bush (Larrea). U.S. health... Read More »

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Am i safe to smoke weed : and how often?

No you shouldn'tThe oils in the thc stay in your system for more than a weekAnd although it does feel GREAT after training you shouldn't. At least for now.I used to be really tall and skinny too, I... Read More »

Is there a safe cigarette to smoke?

On One Hand: No, Says ACSAccording to the American Cancer Society, there are no safe cigarettes on the market. Even though most manufacturers make some cigarettes with low tar/tobacco, smokers tend... Read More »

Is it safe smoke marijuana while getting a wax?

Well being high isn't that bad of an idea, i've done that a few times. But, there were a few times where you get like weirded out & focus on the pain more than you normally would. & don't do it bei... Read More »

Is it safe to smoke dmt if your pregnant?