Is nutrisystem a healthy program for diabetic men?

Answer On One Hand: A Specially-Designed PlanDiabetic men who are interested in the Nutrisystem program can enroll in Nutrisystem D, a plan that specifically caters to a diabetic's needs through perfectly... Read More »

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Does the nutrisystem program really work?

On One Hand: The Diet is Healthy and Low-CalorieAccording to registered dietitian Katherine Zelman, the NutriSystem diet is healthy and low-calorie. When properly following the diet, women eat 1,20... Read More »

How to Live a Healthy Life As a Diabetic?

So you have diabetes and you are looking into improving your health. Well you can be in control of your diabetes, eat well, and live a healthy, normal life. Don't fret or get depressed. You've got ... Read More »

In a type 2 diabetic , what should a healthy glucose range be?

The normal range for blood glucose (AKA blood sugar) levels for a non-diabetic person is between 70 and 120 mg/ dL.For people with type 2 diabetes: Fasting (not eating for a period of ti... Read More »

Are There any Type 1 Diabetic Moms Who Had Very Successful/Healthy Pregnancies?

I am Type 1, 35 and pregnant for my first child. So far the only problem I have had is extreme fatigue and that is common in most pregnancies. I have had no diabetic related problems as of yet. ... Read More »