Is nutramigen safe to give a baby with a milk protein allergy?

Answer Not particularly; all children develop things at different rates. However, if you want him to start building his gross motor skills more, get him to play often with things like throwing or passing ... Read More »

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Is Nutramigen milk based?

Nutramigen is not a milk-based formula, but it does contain casein hydrolysate, a milk protein that has been broken down into smaller units so that it can be digested by milk-allergic infants. Nutr... Read More »

How to Cope with a Milk Allergy?

Being lactose intolerant is no uncommon trait. Many who are lactose intolerant deal with it by avoiding dairy products altogether, but if you enjoy dairy products there are other answers. There are... Read More »

Can I give my baby evaporated milk?

Straight evaporated milk, or a homemade evaporated milk formula, is not considered a healthy choice for babies. Such formulas given to infants have shown to "cause iron-deficiency anemia because of... Read More »

Can I give my baby cow's milk?

A baby should be fed formula or breast milk until the age of 12 months. Whole cow's milk can be fed to a baby from 12 months of age through 2 years. Skim and low-fat milk can be fed once the child ... Read More »