Is numbness accompanied by swelling a sign of pre-eclampsia even if your urine and blood pressure are normal?

Answer Answer Ask here: have a blog. If you are swelling- or anything weird is happening and you are pregnant, call your Dr. Now. Good luck!

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If you feel like you have to urine every thirty minutes or so and there is blood in your urine is that a sign of pregnancy?

Probably not. It sounds like you have a real bad infection in there and you should go to the doctors to get a pap. If you dont it could cause some major problems that you do not want.This could als... Read More »

Does high blood pressure cause numbness in toes?

On One Hand: Hypertension Does Not Cause NumbnessHaving high blood pressure (hypertension) does not lead directly to numbness in the toes. The symptoms of hypertension include headaches, feeling di... Read More »

Can blood pressure medication cause swelling?

On One Hand: Calcium Channel Blockers Cause SwellingCertain blood pressure medicines, such as amlodipine, nifedipine, diltiazem, verapamil and felodipine, can cause swelling of the foot, leg and an... Read More »

Is high blood pressure a cause of painful ankle swelling?

Painful ankle swelling can often come as a result of a pregnancy condition known as pre-eclampsia, which results in high blood pressure and swelling. Blood pressure in and of itself, however, is un... Read More »