Is nuclear power renewable or nonrenewable?

Answer The United States Energy Information Administration classifies nuclear power as a nonrenewable energy source because uranium, which is consumed in the process of energy production, is a nonrenewabl... Read More »

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Is nuclear fission renewable or nonrenewable?

Nuclear fission--used in all nuclear plants as of 2010--requires uranium, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Since the earth has a finite supply of uranium, scientists do not co... Read More »

Is solar power renewable or nonrenewable?

Solar energy is considered renewable since it never runs out, according to the Energy Information Administration. It can be converted to heat energy for warming homes and pools or electricity for p... Read More »

Is hydroelectric power renewable or nonrenewable?

Hydroelectric power, power generated from moving water, is renewable, meaning it is naturally replenished. Hydroelectric power is clean, meaning that it doesn't pollute the environment. The facilit... Read More »

Is nuclear power renewable?

Nuclear power is not renewable as it comes from uranium, a non-renewable resource. When all the Earth's uranium is gone, there is no way to find the mineral anywhere else. The International Renewa... Read More »