Is nuclear fission renewable?

Answer Renewable energy is defined as an energy source that will not run out anytime soon, like wind or solar power. Nuclear fission requires a fuel source, normally uranium, that has to be dug out of the... Read More »

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Is nuclear fission renewable or nonrenewable?

Nuclear fission--used in all nuclear plants as of 2010--requires uranium, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Since the earth has a finite supply of uranium, scientists do not co... Read More »

Advantage & Disadvantage of Nuclear Fission?

Nuclear fission is an alternative source of energy to non-renewable fossil fuels. Since the first commercial nuclear power plant in the 1950s, debate has raged about the safety of this means of pro... Read More »

Who discovered nuclear fission energy?

Lise Meitner, Otto Frisch, Otto Hahn and Frits Strassman discovered the process of nuclear fission in 1939. Their discovery established the foundation for both the atomic bomb and the generation of... Read More »

What energy is involved in nuclear fission&fusion?

Fission and fusion share a common end: Both involve a nuclear process that releases massive amounts of energy. In nuclear fission, the nuclei of atoms are split apart and into smaller components. W... Read More »