Is nuclear energy cost efficient?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, in Long RunBBC reports that nuclear electricity is almost half as expensive as oil. With oil prices ever on the rise, the relative cost of nuclear power is getting cheaper. Moreov... Read More »

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How efficient is nuclear energy?

On One Hand: More Efficient Than Fossil FuelsNuclear energy is very efficient, especially when compared with fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is based on the elemental reactions of uranium. One tube of... Read More »

How much does nuclear energy cost?

From an economic standpoint, nuclear power is usually competitive with other methods of power generation. In places with direct access to fossil fuels (coal, natural gas) nuclear power is somewhat ... Read More »

Is nuclear energy worth the environmental cost?

On One Hand: Nuclear Power Reduces Air PollutionAccording to a widely referenced 1998 essay by Ilan Lipper and Jon Stone of the University of Michigan, there are over 110 nuclear power plants opera... Read More »

Is there a high cost to the consumer using nuclear energy?

On One Hand: Nuclear Power is Relatively CheapThe cost of nuclear power is not clearly known, but proponents claim that current production compares favorably with other power production methods. A ... Read More »