Is nuclear energy any good?

Answer On One Hand: Reliable and AffordableAccording to the Nuclear Energy Institute (NCI), nuclear energy is good because it is reliable and affordable. "Nuclear plants are the lowest-cost producer of ba... Read More »

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Is nuclear energy good or bad?

On One Hand: Very BeneficialNuclear energy provides an energy source that does not emit greenhouse gases. In addition, nuclear power can be used around the clock, not just when the sun is shining o... Read More »

Is nuclear energy a good alternative?

On One Hand: Minimizes EmissionsNuclear power plants minimize the pollutants that are emitted in producing energy compared with fossil fuels. Fossil fuels emit pollutants that contribute to acid ra... Read More »

What device in a nuclear power plant creates nuclear energy?

Nuclear power plants contain reactors, which are the devices that create the nuclear energy. The plants use the heat generated by the reactors to vaporize water which then rotates turbines to creat... Read More »

Is nuclear energy a kinetic or potential energy?

Nuclear energy can be either kinetic or potential. A chunk of uranium has lots of potential nuclear energy: atoms that have not yet decayed. As the uranium undergoes radioactive decay, it gets hot.... Read More »