Is not making eye contact a sign of autism?

Answer On One Hand: Avoidance SymptomsThe Mayo Clinic says that some of the signs of autism in a child include failure to respond to his name, avoiding eye contact, pretending not to hear and avoiding tou... Read More »

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If a guy keeps making eye contact with you, does he like you?

Most likely, or he may think it's reversed ,he might think that you're staring at him. That might be why he's smiling. But yeah, most of the time it means that.

How to Contact AOL to Sign Up?

The preponderance of free email providers on the Internet gives you a lot of options. AOL Mail is one of those options. As is the case with most free email providers, AOL Mail offers free virus and... Read More »

How can you get a father to sign over his rights when he is in another state and you have no contact with him?

I know for a fact that in Florida you can not undo the adoption or terminate your parental rights, unless someone else is willing to adopt the child. I told an attorney what my wife had told me, pr... Read More »

Why must the glass be clean when making a contact print in graphics photography?

Answer The dirt or smudge can affect the quality/uniformity of light reaching the photo media.