Is not eating honey a vegetarian or vegan thing?

Answer It is a "non honey eating thing",, I really find it funny and amusing that people live their lives according a simple word defintion... You don't even know why some vegans would not eat honey.. You... Read More »

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I find myself eating ALOT more when I eat vegetarian/vegan?

Yes, this is a fact everyone does. Protein takes a very long time to digest in your stomach so you stay full much longer. It is really just common logic. Try eating turkey, eggs, fish and other sou... Read More »

Does eating vegan or vegetarian diet make your farts smell better?

When I went vegan my farts smelt so much less than before. Meat makes your farts smell pretty bad =/

What is your favorite Vegetarian/vegan meal that you like eating or cooking?

... Talapia Scalloped potatoes Fruit salad

Adults who were brought up Vegetarian/Vegan from a young age did you stay Vegetarian/Vegan ?

I wasn't brought up vegetarian but I tried my best to be! I ate basically no meat. When I was two years old I gave my dad a black eye because he wouldn't let the animals in the zoo out of their cag... Read More »