Is none singular or plural?

Answer None can be singular or plural, depending on how it's used. The word is defined as "not one" or "not any." According to the Random House Dictionary, examples of singular and plural usages date back... Read More »

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Singular Vs. Plural Verbs?

One of the most common mistakes made in the English language, especially for non-native speakers, is the confusion of singular and plural verbs. Part of the reason for the confusion arises from the... Read More »

Is fungi singular or plural?

Fungi are a biology term that is the plural form of fungus, according to Fungi are nouns that should be used with a plural verb, according to Read More »

How to Change the Singular to Plural?

In the English language, there are several grammar rules to follow if you want to use proper spelling and language skills. In general, there are very basic rules involving how to change a singular ... Read More »

Is"people"singular or plural?

According to Pearson Education, you can use "people" in a plural or singular sense. When used to mean multiple people, such as "People were laughing at the movie," it is plural. When referring to a... Read More »