Is non-stick cookware harmful to your health?

Answer On One Hand: Release Toxic GasesThere has always been great concern by the public over the release of possible dangerous cancer creating gases when non-stick cookware is heated and in use. Accordi... Read More »

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Is having a wifi router next to your bed harmful to your health?

No more harmful than the thousands of other radio wave signals that are passing through you all the time.The background hum of the universe is a radio signal after all.

If a tin of food has a dent in it can it be harmful to your health?

Answer Most likely, the dent causes a 'peeled off' plating thus resulting in a rusty surface. Rust is harmful!

Are cell phones harmful to your health?

On One Hand: No Proof in Cell Phones Being Harmful to HealthMany theories and news stories warn about cell phones being hazardous and causing cancer or brain tumors because of the microwave radiati... Read More »

Iis snorting pain pills harmful to your health?

I have enough trouble swallowing them, and you want to snort them down!Good Luck