Is non-stick cookware harmful to your health?

Answer On One Hand: Release Toxic GasesThere has always been great concern by the public over the release of possible dangerous cancer creating gases when non-stick cookware is heated and in use. Accordi... Read More »

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Health Hazards of Aluminum Cookware?

Manufacturers create cookware from materials such as iron, steel, aluminum and glass. Because of their frequent contact with food, such materials should not pose a risk to human health. Aluminum co... Read More »

Health Effects of Aluminum Cookware?

Food or drink prepared in plain aluminum cookware can draw out and absorb aluminum under certain conditions. Tomatoes, citrus and other acidic foods, as well as food and drink that sits in an alumi... Read More »

Anodized Aluminum Cookware Health Dangers?

Calphalon made anodized aluminum cookware popular, and they became the choice in pots and pans after the scares that circulated about Teflon overheating. The aluminum pans are anodized to lock in t... Read More »

Are Sausages harmful to health?

Unless they are quality sausages made by someone who doesn't use preservatives, artificial crap, and dangerous additives, yes. Sausages are probably the worse meat product you can eat. Honestly, th... Read More »