Is no. 2 fuel oil the same as off-road diesel?

Answer No. 2 fuel oil and off-road diesel have the same chemical composition and are essentially the same thing. However, off-road diesel fuel usually contains several additives and is also taxed at a muc... Read More »

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Does a nozzle for diesel fuel fit into a non-diesel fuel tank?

A diesel nozzle is larger than a regular gasoline nozzle. For this reason, the diesel nozzle will not fit into the gasoline tank. On the other hand, most diesel fuel pumps are green, so drivers wit... Read More »

How Do I Change a Diesel Fuel Filter on a Duramax Diesel?

The Duramax Diesel is the engine used for General Motors' heavy-duty trucks. This engine is capable of great power and efficiency. To ensure that the engine is consistently providing power and fuel... Read More »

Can i use off road diesel in my furnace?

On One Hand: Diesel in The FurnaceMost home furnace systems that use number 2 fuel can also run on off road diesel. Diesel has the advantage that it is somewhat cheaper than number 2 fuel oil. You ... Read More »

How to Transfer Fuel From a Diesel Fuel Tank?

Siphoning diesel fuel from one tank to transfer to another is no different than siphoning any other liquid. The key is using a method where you won't get a mouthful of fuel in the process. There ar... Read More »