Is no. 2 fuel oil the same as off-road diesel?

Answer No. 2 fuel oil and off-road diesel have the same chemical composition and are essentially the same thing. However, off-road diesel fuel usually contains several additives and is also taxed at a muc... Read More »

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Is fuel oil the same as diesel oil?

No. Fuel oil has different grades according to its weight and combustion, or heating, value. Fuel oil No. 2, otherwise known as heating oil, is slightly heavier than diesel fuel, but has a similar ... Read More »

Is kerosene the same as diesel fuel?

Although kerosene and diesel fuel are related, they are not the same. Kerosene and diesel fuel possess different hydrocarbon chain lengths, different octane ratings and different sulfur levels as a... Read More »

Is home heating oil the same as diesel fuel?

Heating oil and diesel fuel are very similar in their chemical composition, as both types of fuel are distillates, meaning they are made by cooling vaporized crude oil. The main difference between ... Read More »

Is diesel fuel the same as home heating oil?

Diesel fuel is not the same is home heating oil, although they are very similar. Both are distillates--that is, they are made from the distilling of crude oil--but they contain different amounts of... Read More »