Is nifedipine capsules safe during pregnancy?

Answer No, it is very powerful and precautions state call your doctor immediately if you are pregnant expecting to become & or breast feeding so consult immediately before continuing as they may adjust do... Read More »

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Is it safe to take cranberry capsules in early pregnancy?

Sure you can take cranberry capsules in pregnancy. It's just like eating (a LOT of) cranberries, which is a natural food, and good for you too. The extra Vitamin C and antioxidants will benefit you... Read More »

Is Ursodeoxycholic acid capsules safe for pregnancy?

yes that is why they are used in cholestasis of pregnancy.

Is it safe to take black cohosh capsules at 37 weeks of pregnancy?

Answer That could bring on labor which is probably what you were trying to do. I would wait till the baby is ready.

Is chlorophyll capsules safe to take with meds?

Yes its safe when u eat leafy green veggie they contain chlorophyll i doubt your meds say to not eat leafy greens lol :p Take them at separate times like your capsules in the mooring for best absor... Read More »