Is nicotine as addictive as cocaine?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, Nicotine Is Highly AddictiveNicotine, the drug found in tobacco, is highly addictive. According to the American Cancer Society, nicotine "is as addictive as heroin or cocaine." Sm... Read More »

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What makes cocaine addictive?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the hydrochloride salt called cocaine is an addictive stimulant narcotic. Usage methods for the drug include snorting and injection.Dopamine Relea... Read More »

Is Nicotine addictive?

Well. eeerrrrrrr yes. Despite what the cigarette companies would tell you ....30 years ago that is.

Nicotine is a major addictive ingredient in what?

Is it harder to quit nicotine than cocaine?

On One Hand: Nicotine WithdrawalSymptoms of nicotine withdrawal can begin within a few hours of smoking the last cigarette and typically peak within a few days. For some people, nicotine withdrawal... Read More »