Is nicorette harmful?

Answer On One Hand: Nicorette Poses RisksNicorette is an over-the-counter gum intended to help smokers quit. It may be harmful, depending on the user's overall health. Anyone with an underlying medical co... Read More »

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Is Nicorette harmful to dogs?

Nicorette can be harmful to dogs if too much is ingested. A dog can suffer from nicotine toxicity and in dogs, 10 mg/kg of nicotine could be fatal. Signs of nicotine toxicity include difficulty bre... Read More »

How are reptiles harmful?

According to the Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), reptile ownership has increased in the United States. Reptiles such as turtles, snakes, and lizards--though seemingly harmless--can... Read More »

Why and how can headphones be harmful?

Headphones are only harmful in the case of hearing damage. They can be harmful when the music being played is too loud, and can cause permanent hearing damage since it sits inside the ear.

Is a Bluetooth harmful?

On One Hand: Bluetooth Is SafeAccording to Business Week, Bluetooth devices are safe to use. While there has been controversy whether cellphones emit levels of radiation harmful enough to eventuall... Read More »