Is new hampshire's wic program based on gross or net income?

Answer New Hampshire's Department of Health and Human Services determines eligibility for participation in the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program based on federal gross income and family size. As o... Read More »

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Adoption assistance program exclude able from gross income 2008?

it depends ifyou currently have custody of your grandchildren already. if you do then you must go through an adoptiion. otherwise most states wont grant fulll custody. grandparents used to have wha... Read More »

Is gross pronounce as gross income?

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Is the Roth IRA income limit the gross or the taxable income?

The Roth IRA income limit uses your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). Your MAGI equals your adjusted gross income plus several adjustments you may have claimed--including traditional IRA contr... Read More »

Is debt ratio based on net or gross pay?

A borrower's debt ratio is determined by calculating the percentage of gross pay that is dedicated to debt repayment each month. Gross pay is the amount paid to an employee prior to any deductions ... Read More »