Is nerve tonic effective?

Answer On One Hand: Nerve Tonic Is Safer Than Prescribed DrugsNerve tonic is a homeopathic remedy that alleviates the effects of everyday stress, anxiety and nervous tension. Nerve tonics from most pharma... Read More »

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How long is a nerve block effective for pain?

On One Hand: Nerve Blocks Offer Temporary ReliefA nerve block is an anesthetic injection which targets a specific location in the body to "turn off" pain receptors and provide temporary relief from... Read More »

If you chipped your tooth and a small part of your nerve was showing how possible is it that the nerve will die?

AnswerWithout a root canal the chances are slim to none. You are in for some serious pain.Make a dental appointment. Or if money is an issue, contact a dental school to see if you can get low-cost ... Read More »

Who invented tonic?

Tonic developed from a treatment for malaria. It contains quinine, which kills malaria parasites, and was often mixed with gin because of its bitterness. Erasmus Bond patented tonic, a mixture of q... Read More »

How to Make Gin and Tonic?

Gin and tonic. A drink without parallel to be taken on hot summer's afternoons seated on a recliner outdoors amid the buzzing bees and plant life redolent of overwhelming odors. Failing which, just... Read More »