Is neglecting your parents wrong?

Answer Yes. If it weren't for them, there would be no you! Even if they neglected you, two wrongs don't make a right.

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How to Make Your Parents Forgive You for a Terrible Wrong?

When your parents are mad at you for something that you have done and they are very disappointed in you, you need ways to get them to respect you and trust you again. You need to make sure that you... Read More »

Is it wrong to assist your 18 year-old sister-in-law with getting a tattoo when it is tasteful and concealed but against her parents and your wife's wishes?

It may or may not be against the law, depending on where you live, but doing that is certainly stupid.

How to convice your parents that there is something wrong?

Be advised that TV is spiritual ROT! its a propaganda machine that is owned & operated by GREED INC.NOT for your benefit but for the benefit of GREED INC.GET A CLUE PEOPLE ..... TV is brainwashing!... Read More »

Can you obtain temporary custody of your 4-year-old niece from your sister your niece's father is in jail and your sister is neglecting your niece and has no home no job she is dangering her well bein?

Answer Probably, it depends on the state. The best chance would be to convince the father that the child is being neglected - if he signed a waiver agreeing to custody to you then it would aid in ... Read More »