Is neglecting your parents wrong?

Answer Yes. If it weren't for them, there would be no you! Even if they neglected you, two wrongs don't make a right.

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Why are my parents mad at me what did i do wrong?

Your parents probably aren't mad at you. What you need to remember is that parents, though hard to believe sometimes, are people too. They have human emotions, and don't always show them in the bes... Read More »

How to convice your parents that there is something wrong?

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Why do my parents say that it is wrong to have a baby?

Yo Princess.... You can have my baby! errr.. wait... I mean..... you can have me, baby.Oh why does it always sound like I am putting the hard word on for a lil side action?? Check me out.. I'm wear... Read More »

How to Make Your Parents Forgive You for a Terrible Wrong?

When your parents are mad at you for something that you have done and they are very disappointed in you, you need ways to get them to respect you and trust you again. You need to make sure that you... Read More »