Is safe for my 13yo daughter?

Answer Keep her off myspace she is too young to understand the dangerous situations she can put herself into by accessing a website that connects her to tens of millions of people.

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What's a good workout for a 13yo boy, 130 lb and 5'9?

The Prison Workout: A Total Body Exercise Routine Some prison inmates have nothing but a sink, a toilet, their bed, and a few square feet of space at their disposal. They need an exercise routi... Read More »

What is a safe 1st car to get my daughter who just got her licence?

1990's volvotough as nails, and very safe

Your daughter is pregnant and has ADD isit safe to take this med?

Doesn't matter, although she might prefer it if he has the strength to be reasonably active during the act.

Is it safe to post photographs of my daughter on the internet?

Don't have a problem with it myself. My own children are on my own photogallery (with everything else) and I did a similar one for my nieces wedding.While there's no accounting for all the sick ind... Read More »