Is myspace just for 13 yr old kids?

Answer I use it for the same reason you do and I'm 30.

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Is there such thing as a kid myspace but for kids under 10?

You should take more advantage of going outside and playing/hanging out with your friends. It's not good for kids to get into technology at a young age. There's radiation and when your addicted you... Read More »

Is myspace a bad site for kids say under the age of 15 or 16?

Do you think it i appropriate for kids under 13 to have a myspace/facebook/xanga?

nope as at that age they are still 'immature' and can get contact with some pervert...

Do u think they should ban Myspace forever just because kids are to stupid to put there full name and meet?

It's not right to shoot down the entire system based upon the mistakes of the few. Mass punishment went out with Hitler and Mussolini.