Is my wrist okau should i see a doctor?

Answer Texting a lot can cause your wrist muscles to tighten up and that causes them to press into the nerves going through your wrist to cause pains in your wrists or to be sent into your hands. The tig... Read More »

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I hit my wrist really hard at work tonight, and wonder if I should see a doctor...?

You may have hit the nerve very hard. I would see a doctor because it could be worse than that, maybe a small hairline fracture. It's better safe than sorry

Should I buy a wrist brace for my wrist sprain?

it wont hurt and if you get a one size fits all it will keep for future use if needed

Should I stop cutting my wrist?

Please help yourself, quit, if you want, you can IM me or email me if you want to talk to someone.

What should i do about a cut wrist?

You need to first seek medical help immediately and when they ask what happened you need to just tell them the truth, you are a self mutilator. They will have someone speak with you I am sure of th... Read More »