Is my wrist dislocated or broken?

Answer Only an xray can tell you for sure.. Nice article about hand injuries here:…

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Do I have a broken wrist or sprained wrist?

Since we are not X-Ray machines we probably couldn't tell you for sure.You should probably go to the hospital within 24 hours because after that it can start to heal and they may have to rebreak it.

Is my finger broken or dislocated?

if you can move it, even a little bit then it isn't dislocated because when you dislocate a joint, you can't move it at all. So it's probably broken, I've broken my fingers 4 times so i know that g... Read More »

Is the joint in my finger bruised,dislocated...broken?

the fingers have small and delicate bones joined by equally small and delicate tendonsyou might have hurt one of them or might have hurt one or more of your ligatures in the fingeralternate cold an... Read More »

Broken wrist?

I am sooooooo sorryI hope you get well soon!!!I can't give you any medical advice here but I can help with an "injury claim",lol......"Show damages- you have a claimProve damages- you have a compen... Read More »