Is my wine drinkable?

Answer It will probably be safe but most likely taste awful.Many people think that a wine improves with age and the older the wine the better it will be. This is untrue. Most wines don't age well and whit... Read More »

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Is cooking wine drinkable?

Cooking wines are not made to drink and are utterly unpalatable. These wines contain large amounts of salt and other preservatives. Many chefs do not even recommend using them in cooking, as their ... Read More »

Is sea water drinkable?

Humans should avoid drinking seawater. While very small amounts can be safely ingested, seawater contains a very high amount of salt that cannot be processed by the human body. Drinking too much se... Read More »

Is there a way to make md 2020 drinkable?

MD20/20 offers a delicious flavor experience that does not need any additives.Drink it from a chalice and enjoy the sensational rollercoaster that awaits you.

Is dehumidifier water drinkable?

No. Although technically distilled water, dehumidifier water has not been boiled to kill microbes or fungus from aerial spores. You can use dehumidifier water to water non-edible plants or to fill ... Read More »