Is my weight healthy?

Answer For your height, 61kg is actually in the ideal weight range. (125-155 lbs, or 56kg - 70kg). Your weight isn't really bad at all, you fall pretty close to the middle of the ideal weight range. You m... Read More »

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Am I under weight If so than how can I gain weight in a healthy way?

simple. eat more!most people think ooh unhealthy foods when people ssay eat more but you can easily gain weight with healthy good food that still tastes delicious!eat salads with avocado, lettuce, ... Read More »

Am I at a healthy weight?

medium, your a small weight but you probably dont have alot of muscle tone if you dont have a flat stomach

Am I a healthy weight?

You're at the healthy range of BMI . Eat healthy , and exercise , following a healthy life style rather than dieting is what everyone should look for .Again , you're at healthy weight keep on exer... Read More »

Healthy weight for 5'6" 12-year-old?