Is my weight and height okay for my age?

Answer You're fine.............. it's normal if your 18, 5 foot 2, and 119 lbs.

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Does a counter height table look okay next to bar stools?

I think that it depends on the counter height! If it's a kitchen counter that you work at, then bar stools might look a bit odd next to it. Plus, there's the practicality aspect too; if you want to... Read More »

I'm losing weight, are my goals okay?

I think that's a perfect goal! Here are some tips if you need them!1. Start exercising! You need to exercise EVERY day! I highly suggest a video workout called p90x. It is very popular. If you use ... Read More »

Is my BMI bad for my height and weight?

The normal range for BMI is 18.5 - 24.9, but BMI doesn't take into account that muscle weighs more than fat. So you can be in great shape but have a BMI that is out of range.

Is it okay to lose weight before pregnancy?

Answer it depends on how overweight are you.its ok to come to your normal BMI before conception.take good nutrition and folic acid supplementation.