Is my version of eggy bread healthy?

Answer HiThat sounds very healthy your getting good nutrition from the eggs,bread,apple and coconut oil would you mind if I made it ??Have a wonderful day :-)

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How do i make eggy bread?

beat eggs with a bit of milk and add sugar if you like it sweet. i always add sugar. i always put two slices of bread on top of each other and cut in to four triangles, and soak each two-piece tria... Read More »

Is banana bread healthy?

On One Hand: Banana Bread Can Be NutritiousBanana bread made with carefully chosen ingredients can be a wholesome, healthful snack. From bananas, you'll get fiber, vitamins C and B6, potassium and ... Read More »

Why is brown bread healthy?

Brown bread that contains whole grains provides greater health benefits than white or other refined breads, but some brown bread contains only flour instead of the whole grain.Brown BreadRefined-fl... Read More »

How to Make Pasta (Healthy Version)?

Healthy and Delicious and Don't Forget Nutritious!Everyone loves pasta. But when you're trying to watch your waist line or just cook a healthy and delicious dinner for you and your family, this rec... Read More »