Is my tuition at a fashion school covered since my dad is a veteran?

Answer Just because your father is a veteran doesn't always mean your college is going to be paid for. Usually other situations have to occur as well. Is he disabled or a POW? I would suggest calling y... Read More »

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Since when has school been a fashion parade?

Don't worry, Billet. I understand. Some of the answers here are talking about "expressing yourself". Let's get real here! It's SCHOOL. It's not about "expressing yourself"; it's about GETTING AN ED... Read More »

If a minor has been removed from his parents' insurance since 'he never drives the car' is he covered if he is driving a friend's car?

Answer He has no coverage. Unless the minor gets insurance elsewhere. Answer He would likely be covered as a permissive driver of the friend's car, under the friend's policy.

Who wants to pay for my art school tuition?

I would be glad to, but what is in it for me?

How much of a school tuition is tax deductible?

The largest amount a student can claim as a college tax deduction in 2009 is $4,000. According to the IRS, this college tuition tax credit reduces a student's taxable income by $4,000 and is subjec... Read More »