Is my tuition at a fashion school covered since my dad is a veteran?

Answer Just because your father is a veteran doesn't always mean your college is going to be paid for. Usually other situations have to occur as well. Is he disabled or a POW? I would suggest calling y... Read More »

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Veteran's Day Activities for Middle School?

Veteran's Day offers middle school teachers an opportunity to teach students important lessons about war, sacrifice and the challenges of keeping peace in an often violent world. However, teachers ... Read More »

Can a veteran receive veteran's benefits if he is dishonorably discharged?

Veteran's benefits, which depend on the service of a veteran, are not available to veterans who were discharged under dishonorable conditions unless the veteran is found to have been insane during ... Read More »

Who wants to pay for my art school tuition?

I would be glad to, but what is in it for me?

How much is tuition to nursing school?

Prices vary depending on the specific school and program for nursing. Four-year schools typically cost $2,200 to $4,400 per year, while community colleges can be considerably cheaper: as low as $12... Read More »