Is my toe broken( My pinky toe)?

Answer JI and Anonymous are both correct. Don't wear tight shoes, that will only aggrevate the toes.

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Is my pinky toe broken?

See your health care provider as soon as possible (podiatrist), for consultation. During the physical exam, your doctor will check for points of tenderness in your toes. He or she will also check t... Read More »

Is my pinky broken!!!?

Sprained/Broken Pinky Toe!?

I would buddy tape your pinky toe to your toe next to it. And I would ice your toe a lot. I also would wrap put gauze between your good toe and bad toe so it will be straight. (my sister had her to... Read More »

Is my pinky finger broken?

If you can see a visible bump that's hard, I would get it x-rayed. If its not, then ice it and take medicine if it still hurts after a week get it checked out. You should put a splint on it and if ... Read More »