Is my stuff covered in rental car?

Answer Usually 10% of your personal property protection on your home or tenants policy will be extended to your property off prmises...subject to your basically ...and probably no..unless ... Read More »

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What is the stuff that people are covered in after a fire or explosion called?

What is the black stuff that people are covered in after an explosion called?

If someone is injured while working on someone else's rental home using that person's tools and the owner of the tools is covered only by liability insurance what are the injured person's options?

You will need to call your local Workers Compensation Commission and find out if there is anything you can do. In South Carolina you would have to be employed by this person and drawing a paycheck ... Read More »

Do rental cars get stolen and if so do the rental companies have theft insurance?

Unfortunately - yes, rental cars do get stolen. Most rental comapnies have theft insurance, but usually have some sort of deductible.Rental cars get stolen from customers all the time. If you were ... Read More »