Is my safe for girls under 14 years old?

Answer Stay out of myspace if you are that age. It is not made for you.

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You had an STD two years ago Is it safe to get pregnant?

Answer It honestly depends on what type of STD, there are some that no matter how long ago you have to have a c-section so its best to go to a clinic or call a birth control centre.

Is it safe to use car seats after five years?

On One Hand: It Might Be SafeAs long as you are the original owner of the car seat it is probably safe. Manufacturers usually put a five-year expiration date on car seats because the plastic casing... Read More »

How many years was the Golden Girls on TV?

Is it safe for my dog to exercise after years of lying around?

On One Hand: Exercise is HealthyJust as with humans, daily exercise is important for dogs. Exercise aids in digestion, improves circulation, prevents obesity, provides mental stimulation and relie... Read More »