Is my problem treatable?

Answer The fear of insects is called Entomphobia.Yes, it is treatable...see the site below…

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Is aids treatable?

On One Hand: AIDS is TreatableHIV disease can be treated with antiretroviral medications that control the action of the virus, according to the Mayo Clinic and The opportunistic infectio... Read More »

Is progeria treatable?

No cure has been found for progeria yet, the cause has been found though..

Is stomach cancer treatable?

On One Hand: Stomach Cancer is TreatableStomach cancer is treatable. Treatment options include partial or total removal of the stomach (depending on the individual cancer) along with chemo and radi... Read More »

Is reduplicative paramnesia treatable?

Sometimes. Various treatments have been tried in clinical trials, from drugs to ECT. However, how patients responded to treatment was varied. (Burgess et al., 1996; Ellis & Szulecka, 1996; Lewis-L... Read More »