My cables have come out my phone line my phone is working but internet no?

Answer Your question is rather vague and you have supplied us with a list of colours that do not fully comply with the UK standard for 6 wire cable, so people are confused and have not given you an answer... Read More »

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How to get my phone working ='(?

Hi,you have to get your phone cleaned from water damage that it may have. Some try putting it in rice by taking the battery out and put it in bowl of rice for about a day or 2, otherwise contact Th... Read More »

My phone is not working !!!?

Hi I'm a repairman for CenturyTel, although I also worked for AT&T(Pacific Bell) for 7 years prior. Just because your DSL still works doesn't mean the problem can't be outside. I've had many repa... Read More »

HELP, My cell phone isn't working!?

What you have to do.. is open it up... take the battery , cover , everything that is removable and let it open.. 1 night if u can near the window or where it gets good air.. be sure to leave it ... Read More »

Phone charger not working!?

bring it to apple store, 10 months old = still in warrantyThey have a legal obligation to fix it