Is my period coming ?

Answer If you get period cramps then most likey your period is coming but since you weight lifting and you have a cold it could just be you are sore and tired.

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How to Know That Your First Period Is Coming?

All girls get their periods. If you haven't, keep reading this article to know the signs that your first period is coming!

How to keep your period from coming!?

It's not possible to prevent it from coming. Sorry, but it happens to every woman, and it will happen to you too at some point.

Period coming or what Girls only.?

Your body is prepping for your period but just not ready to start yet. It may come soon, but with menstrual cycles, it's just hard to tell :(. Sorry girlie, just bring pads and tampons to be prep... Read More »

How do girls know when their period is coming?

A few days before we'll get cramps or back pain. The blood doesn't come 'dripping' out when it first we do have some time to get something before it leaks through.