Is my password safe?

Answer On One Hand: Strong CombinationsThe best passwords are those that are "strong," or difficult for others to figure out. This means avoiding using your name, phone number, address or relatives' names... Read More »

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How to Keep Your Password Safe?

Okay, sometimes people give out their passwords and then change them or use their friend's account. Just follow these simple instructions and your password will be safe on any website!

How do I create a safe password?

Don't Use Real WordsChoose a password that is not a real word. Hackers can easily discover a password that is a word by performing a dictionary attack.The Longer the BetterCreate a long password. T... Read More »

How to Password Protect Safe Mode in Windows XP?

In Windows XP, even if you set passwords on your accounts, an office snoop can use Safe Mode to get in. You can protect your computer through the following steps:

How to Reset an Admin Password in Safe Mode?

Your computer has an extra administrator account that becomes available in Safe Mode to make sure your computer doesn't get compromised with any network vulnerabilities. You can use this account to... Read More »