Is my nose broken Please help!?

Answer " I kind of have 2 black eyes. " - Those are eye bags, dear. Caused by stress, lack of sleep, etc.If it was broken, you would be able to tell. It would be completely out of place and bruised. If it... Read More »

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Help me , Is my nose broken?

The lower part of the nose is made of gristle and above the bridge is bony ... Ice packs are good ... not really much you can do for a nose injury apart from reduction of the swelling...You may get... Read More »

Nose bleeding, please help?

You aren't being very specific with your question.But, if your nose is bleeding, apply pressure to the side of your nose that is bleeding. For at least 10 minutes. If it is staying in your nose, ... Read More »

Nose ring help please?

it take from9 months to one year to fully heal cause its cartilage

HELP PLEASE! Tiny black bug in ear and nose?

I Believe you! and you are a clean person. There are so many possibilities,[sorry 2 say] of what it may be. Check these words out in your favourite search engine. Cheyliatosis, Demodex, Morgellons... Read More »