Is my marriage over & i think there is a chance he cheated on me?

Answer Seems like an old case of the "my-husband-is-obsessed-with-some-chick-… yeah, he's an idiot. (no offense) if he can't keep his eyes off of an ex, when his wife is around; and...he is thinking of ... Read More »

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My cat likes to lie on my TV, there's no chance of over heating and fire is there?

Well it depends what kind of TV! If its pretty old then they tend to get hot at the back more than Tv's now a days that just get hot on the plug. But my Nan's cat used to lay on top of a heater and... Read More »

My girl has cheated on me for 2months. and i have not got over that. SHOULD I CHEAT ON her 2?

no leave the ***** once a cheater always a cheater

Does anyone out there think I'm odd for preferring brunettes over blonds?

Naw, I don't think you're odd at all! And that's coming from a naturally blonde female! ;)As much as I like my blonde hair, I really admire the darker hair on some of my female friends. It has a ... Read More »

I think i have gonorrhea,is there any drug for this that could be bought over the counter?

Sorry but you need to look up a free clinic in your area.They used to be able to give you a shot of Penicillin, but now there are strains of the disease resistant to Penicillin, Doctor will give yo... Read More »