Is my laptop worth it or good?

Answer LMAO, Hoe Premium !!Sounds good !

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Is this laptop worth buying?

If I had the money, and the opportunity, I would buy that laptop, and I've been doing computers for 25 years now.

How much is your laptop worth?

Even a really old laptop, if it is working, can probably fetch about $100. A new or almost new laptop is worth close to as much as you first paid for it. A fast laptop that is in good shape, but a ... Read More »

Is it worth it to upgrade an older laptop?

Certainly it can be similar to a used car. Spending more money than the remaining life of the thing may seem a futile, wasteful effort, but hardware and software can be changed and upgraded to a ce... Read More »

What is this old laptop worth?

If you buy it... name it T-Rex. (Cause that baby's a dinosaur.) It looks like about 8 years old from what I can find out. The other 2 guys are right...just get a new one. I would say it's worth abo... Read More »