Is my height and weight regular for my age?

Answer Your ideal weight would be 140 lbs so above 160 lbs could be regarded as overweight and below 120 lbs could be regarded as underweight.Technically you are about 10 lbs underweight but as you are on... Read More »

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Is my BMI bad for my height and weight?

The normal range for BMI is 18.5 - 24.9, but BMI doesn't take into account that muscle weighs more than fat. So you can be in great shape but have a BMI that is out of range.

My boobs to big for my height and age and weight?

Well you sound like you have a figure that most women would kill for so don't worry about it. Also remember that we are all different - we all have hang ups about ourselves - and you are only 14 so... Read More »

Am I a good weight for my age and height?

you are very under weight you should be at least 140

How to Measure Weight & Height?

Having an accurate measurement of your height and weight is important for a variety of reasons. With proper measurements, you can keep track of your Body Mass Index, chart the growth of your child ... Read More »