Is my heart beating through my chest?

Answer hi. what you are feeling and seeing is your aorta pulsing. this is the major blood vessel (an artery) from the heart that transports blood to your lower body. arteries pulse to push blood along. so... Read More »

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I can see my heart beating thru my chest?

You got some very strange answers! if you are very thin, it is normal to see the movement of the chest wall from your heart beat. You mentioned starving yourself...that is extremely dangerous...i... Read More »

I always feel my heart beating in my chest?

Can coffee cause chest pain and heart beating fast Anxiety?

Yes. Absolutely yes. Coffee contains caffiene. Caffiene is a stimulant. Stimulants can cause chest pain, fast heart beat, anxiety, snappy, ill temper and everything else you're feeling.

If your heart stops beating,is that considered a heart attack?

No, no, no. This misguided belief that "heart stops beating = heart attack" is the absolute bain of my existence. It is sloppy and totally inaccurate medicine!If your heart stops beating, that is a... Read More »