Is my hand broken please help?

Answer That would be a good question for the person doing your x-rays at the hospital.

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Could My Hand Be Broken PLEASE HELP!!?

It sounds like you either have a pretty deep bruise, possibly a bone bruise. Its probably not broken, or you would be in constant pain. I'd take over the counter pain relief for now, and only see... Read More »

Problems with broken hand HELP?

Why are you doing karate chops with a hand two months out from metacarpal fractures and two weeks after pin removal? What has your doctor told you with regards to resuming activities? If the doct... Read More »

Is my toe broken Help please?

Broken Toe SymptomsAfter the injury, pain, swelling, or stiffness will occur. Bruising of the skin around the toe may also be noticeable. The toe may not look normal, and it may even look bent or d... Read More »

Broken jaw!!! Please help me fix it!!!?

No, the dentist wont be able to help. You need to contact a plastic surgeon about this.