Is my hair falling out more due to a shot?

Answer On One Hand: A Shot Could Cause Hair LossIt is possible for hair to fall out due to a shot, but researching and reading the drug manufacturer's warning can help determine if that is the case, accor... Read More »

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What would hurt less-Falling from a bridge, being hit by a train or being shot in the head-I NEED TO KNOW?

Shot in the head because you would feel no pain

Why is my hair falling out?

Normal hair fallout is about 60 hairs each day - if your hair is long it might look like a lot more. There are some medical conditions that cause hair fallout, and also if your body is a bit acidi... Read More »

Why Is My Pet Rat's Hair Falling Out?

With rats becoming a more common pet, knowledge about their health is growing. One of the common health issues a rat owner will come across is hair loss. A pet rat's hair falling out can be caused ... Read More »

My hair is falling out!!?

1.Daily take massage with coconut oil before going to bed.2.Don't use multiple shampoo 3.Don't use large quantity of conditioner, hair gel and other artificial/commercial medicines4.Use bath with ... Read More »