Is my graphics card good enough for SW:TOR?

Answer It'll be pretty god-awful. What you have is an integrated graphics processor or IGP. It's not a physical card, and it's not well suited for gaming at all. It meets the bare minimum requirement for ... Read More »

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Windows 7 - 2.4Ghz Single Core P4 + 1GB DDR1 + 128MB Graphics Card - Is this good enough for a basic computer?

720p ok 1080p noBasic sure, but no gamming besides those really crappy ones and flash games

Is amd radeon hd 3850 1gb gddr5 pci express 2.1 video card good 2 play with swtor and forsaken world?

Definitely, I used to have that card and it used to play everything I threw at it on the highest settings. It was starting to struggle with some games coming out now on max now so I had to upgrade ... Read More »

What is more important to a gamer for high graphics games a good graphics card or a good processor?

The most important by far is a good graphics card. Granted you need a decent CPU to play cutting-edge games, but your GPU accounts for roughly 75% of gaming performance. You get twice the fps wit... Read More »

Is 512 mb graphics card enough for new games?

Yes, 512mb is enough in 90% of cases.The additional memory provided by 1gb cards doesn't even get used unless you're running at resolutions higher than 1920x1200. If you have a 30" monitor running... Read More »