Is my gauged ear infected ?

Answer No, they don't sound infected but everytime you go bigger, its going to hurt for a few days. And after every stretch wait too stretch again for a month or two. Do NOT twist the gauges, but every no... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Gauged Earrings for Less?

we all know going to hot topic or spencers or even those little pagodas in the mall can get pricey when you ask for gauges so in this article im gunna show you how to make earrings out of household... Read More »

How to Close Gauged Ears?

Have you gauged your ears and now want them to go back to how they were? Well, there's not too many options, save two: one expensive; the other priceless.

Help! My Stretched (gauged) earlobe is swollen :(?

Don't use wooden plugs/tunnels because they rot your ear, especially when you shower with them in. I can get away with wearing them for a couple days till I get irritated but my bf can't even wear ... Read More »

Should I Clean My Gauged Ears With Alcohol?

Turn signal flashers are small, metal canisters containing an interrupt and clicker for the turn signal circuit. When you activate your turn signals, the signal goes through the flasher, which cuts... Read More »