Is my freeview box faulty or is digital TV reception just poor?

Answer try both antennas to see if you can get a signal. the signals themselves that come in are coming in at different degrees in relation to the equator. you might want to consider an omnidirectional ... Read More »

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How do I improve poor cell phone reception?

Change LocationMove. Improving reception on your cell phone may be a matter of changing your location while talking. Loud traffic, echoing corridors, microwaves in use or other kitchen appliances s... Read More »

Can poor radio reception be caused by window tint?

Metalized window tints may interfere with AM radio reception if the radio antenna is on the glass of the rear window. Cutting a seam into the window tint can fix the problem.References:Tint Dude: A... Read More »

Is a digital box the same as a FreeView box?

A Freeview box is a sort of digital box, and is the over all "branding" of the digital terrestrial TV system in the UK. Same for Freesat, but for satellite. Any digital box you buy there will be fo... Read More »

Freeview and digital TV problem?

I live in the US so this might not be your problem. Here most of the digital channels are on the UHF band, most analog are on VHF. What I used to be able to get analog is now really hard to get Dig... Read More »